Digital food ordering or restaurant automation for restaurants, bars, food halls, and ghost kitchens is the next big opportunity that can help on multiple fronts. From improving customer experience to solving restaurant staffing problems, restaurant automation is the solution. But how?

Bbot is the answer to your restaurant staff issues as its functionality makes things efficient. When implemented right, it decreases several kinds of costs and the number of employees required to deal with customers and manage orders.

Why Restaurant Automation?

Take a moment to think about your restaurant’s traditional practices where customers arrive at your place—take a seat—and your employees take orders from them. For example, your traditional ordering system might involve customers standing in long queues or sitting on tables—asking for an update on the order status from your employees after every few minutes. It sounds like a mess, right?

Now imagine having a system where customers can place orders, pay food charges, and get to know the wait time. It will eliminate a lot of issues and make everything seamless. The cherry on the cake is you will realize the eventual benefit of reducing restaurant employees’ number and tackling other restaurant staffing problems.

If you think restaurant automation is what you need to solve your restaurant staff issues, then take time to get a free demo of Bbot to see why it’s the right solution for you.

How Can Bbot Help In Solving Your Restaurant Staffing Problem?

At its core, Bbot offers three features; in-venue ordering, online ordering, and catering.

Let’s dig deep to understand how these features can help in solving your restaurant staffing problem.

In-venue ordering—Fewer employees for order-taking

The successful implementation of Bbot and the use of its in-venue ordering feature make it insanely easy for customers to place orders. All they need to do is open Bbot on their smartphone by scanning the NFC or QR code at your location, select food from your menu, and pay.

Bbot replaces your traditional food ordering process. Typically, a restaurant has order takers, waiters, and cashiers at the cash collection table or POS. If your current order-taking process involves your employees visiting the tables and taking orders, you rely entirely on humans.

With more customers coming to eat food at your place, you may need to hire more employees who can take orders and serve food to customers. Bbot eliminates the need for having employees because customers can place orders digitally, pay money, and wait until the food is prepared.

No matter the intensity of workload, you can cater to all customers without having a lot of employees in your restaurant staff.

You can use Bbot’s tablet to run the Bbot terminal for in-house ordering. Food servers receive a detailed notification on this tablet whenever a customer places an order. That eliminates the need to have employees in your restaurant for providing the order information to the staff preparing the food.

Once the food is prepared, food servers can pick up the food from the kitchen and serve it to customers on their tables.

Online Ordering—Eliminate the Need for In-House Delivery Staff

If you are a restaurant that offers food delivery through in-house delivery staff, Bbot is an excellent opportunity to minimize your staff.

Bbot allows customers to place orders online and choose Delivery . If you face staffing issues and want to minimize your restaurant staff, you can leverage Bbot’s flexibility. It allows for third-party delivery service integration. You won’t have to build an in-house delivery team and pay them a minimum wage even if you’re not getting enough “delivery orders.”

Building an in-house delivery team means you’ll encounter a number of costs. When you use Bbot and integrate a third-party delivery service with it, you avoid investments on multiple fronts. You benefit from a ready-made infrastructure. It works great when you want to solve your staffing problem—not ready to add a lot of employees to your restaurant staff specifically.

An added benefit of third-party delivery service is you can focus on your core business. You can put all your effort into making your food more delicious and improving customer experience without worrying about delivery team management.

While offering an in-house delivery service, you meet the hassle of managing the delivery team, and your focus shifts away from the end product. That’s an undesirable situation because your product is what your customers will remember you by.

Bbot Optimizes Operations

Embracing restaurant automation and benefiting from Bbot is an exceptional way to tackle your staffing problems. Bbot optimizes operations such as ordering and paying. Traditionally, these two operations are handled by employees.

The more your business grows, the more employees you have to hire. To manage your workforce and make them efficient, you have to train them and hire managers. Bbot optimizes your operations and allows restaurant owners to cut down on their number of employees.

Bbot allows customers to order via their mobile phones without downloading any app. Instead of waiting for one of your employees to visit their table to take the order, they can simply view your menu and place the order through Bbot.

Customers pay for the food once they have finished eating, which often involves a cashier or waiter in the transaction.

Many leading food businesses are using technology to optimize order and pay operations. One such example is Starbucks. In fact, Starbucks is one of the pioneers of this technology. They allow customers to pre-order and pay, later pick up the order at preferred Starbucks.

The Starbucks use case is a prime example of how restaurants can optimize order and pay operations, eliminating the need for a large team of employees.

Your Business Deserve Efficiency & Profitability—Do It with Bbot

If you own a restaurant, bar, food hall, or hotel and seek a solution to solve your staff issues, Bbot is the right choice.

Bbot is a modern technology for restaurants, hotels, bars, and food halls, allowing them to optimize operations. You need to create unique table signage compatible with QR code or NFC tag, enabling customers to access your restaurant on Bbot and place orders digitally. This generates a seamless dining experience where customers don’t need to interact with your employees to place an order and pay.

Bbot provides the perfect solution to restaurant owners dealing with staffing issues. By eliminating the need for physical interaction on the dining table with customers, you can lower your staff count.

Restaurants that embrace Bbot can cut costs, optimize customer experience, and keep staff count low.




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