From early-stage to legacy small to midsize businesses in New York. We develop strategies and systems that help companies stay on track, grow, and remains profitable and accountable

Coaching and Consulting for Small Businesses

Our consultants teach the skills, disciplines and practices, and provide the tools that entrepreneurs and their businesses need to succeed for the long haul.

Our Skilled Consultants Help Address Your Challenges
and Achieve Business Goals Such as:

When should you consult with a small business coach?

You had the idea, secured the capital and launched your New York business. Your revenues are growing, and your prospects seem unlimited. You’re onto something big — yet you’re not sure how to proceed. Should you expand, or renegotiate with your suppliers? Hire more salespeople and hope you can keep up with the demand? Can you afford your plans without securing additional capital? And if not, then what? As a startup business, are you concerned or worried about any of these issues?

More than just a second opinion on financial strategy

Our small business consultants act as an impartial sounding board for all of your business decisions. With our help, you can pivot from making rushed, last minute decisions to executing a carefully planned strategy that helps you achieve your business goals.

A Forward thinking approach to understanding performance

Pro Books NY’s roster of experienced small business consultants understand the challenges you face. Your small business consultant will start your partnership with a thoughtful review of your revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities, and develop financial and cash flow forecasts that identify important trends. Our small business coaching firm will help you identify opportunities and risks before they become emergencies.

Is Business Coaching Right for Your Small Business?

Our financial consulting and small business coaching services starts a free, no-risk consultation to get an overview of your needs and see if they’ll make a good match. This starts the conversation on expectations, roles and end goals to transform your business — and yourself.

Small Business Survival Guide

How to Save Money and Thrive During Challenging Times

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